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San Antonio Internet Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

We will rank your website to page 1 of Google with the ultimate goal of having your site appear in the top 3 of search results.

Google Domination

We want your business to be featured in multiple spots on page 1 of Google. We aren’t satisfied until you are dominating you competition!

Local SEO

Google Maps listings tend to show up near or at the top of search results. We can get your business to appear at the top of the map listings giving you an advantage over your competition.

Lead Generation

We will partner with your business to help you generate more leads. We utilize multiple methods of lead generation to get your phone ringing.

AdWords (PPC)

Pay-per-click is the fastest way to get your website to the top of search results. With our strategies, we can design and manage your campaign to provide you with the lowest prices and highest ROI.

Video Marketing

Video is key in any marketing strategy. We can generate high-converting videos for your business and get them ranked.

Reputation Marketing

Your online reputation will follow you everywhere. Making sure that your business isn’t bogged down by negative reviews can help your business earn new clients.

Web Design

A friendly and inviting website is important in converting your visitors to customers. It’s also important to ensure that it is mobile-friendly. We proudly offer mobile web design and full site overhauls.

San Antonio Online Marketing – What to Expect

An SEO San Antonio Company You Can Count On

At Mallery Online Marketing, we have not only ranked businesses to the top of Google rankings, but we have dominated the first page of Google for our clients.  What does this mean?  We have a track record of blanketing page one of Google results for our clients.  This is San Antonio SEO like no other.  We don’t take search engine optimization lightly, and neither should you.

What You Need To Know About SEO

Search engine optimization can be a daunting process as it contains many moving parts and can be time consuming.  However, there are several things you should make yourself aware of, and, if you have hired or are looking into hiring an SEO firm, you should discuss with your SEO company.

Your goals

The first thing you need to discuss is what your actual goals are.  Are you looking to just get your page to rank in the top 5 of page 1?  Do you want to blanket the entire page 1 for multiple search phrases?  What do you want to invest and what are your expectations?

As with anything else, you need to set reasonable goals and your SEO team should help you to determine what is reasonable.  If your hired SEO company has difficulty understanding what you’re looking for and can’t help you understand, attain, and maintain your goals, you should move on.

Your current standing

Your SEO company should be able to help you decide where you currently stand in terms of rankings and what terms you should be ranking for.  This will certainly help you understand what you may be looking at as far as competition, time to rank, and possible return value.

Any competent SEO company will be able to show you what terms you are ranking for and what the estimated average monthly volume of searches is for these terms.  Your SEO partner should also make you aware of other terms you may want to rank for and what search volumes they can offer.

Your current website traffic may be one of the few items you will need to bring to the table.  If you do not have any tracking system, any great SEO firm will be able to set that up.  After all, this is an investment on your part and you need to be able to make sure your investment is paying off.

Who are you competing with?

You need to know who out there is out-ranking you.  Technically it’s as easy as going to Google and typing in your search term and looking at who is in front of you.  As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that your competition is only those who are on page 1.  Even if you are on page 10, you need to remember that your goal is page 1 and unseating those pages will already leap you ahead of all of the other pages.  Your focus of competition should be page 1 only.

There are more things to consider when trying to rank number 1 for any given term, and your SEO company should be able to let you know how difficult (or easy) it will be to outrank your opponents.  Your SEO parneragnet should be able to research your competition similar to how your website is researched.  You should be made aware of what resources may be required to rank number 1.

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

This is a big issue many businesses seem to dismiss.  The allure of ranking number 1 on Google for just about anything is often too good to pass up.  But there is going to be a cost associated with doing so.  You need to spend some time with someone from the SEO agency you are working with to figure out if it will be profitable for you.

SEO can be prestigious, but it’s not going to be the solution for everyone.

What it boils down to

SEO is certainly a marketing decision you should entertain.  It doesn’t hurt to do some research as it could save you or earn you a lot of money down the road.

You need to take the time to ensure that the agency is capable in providing you an analysis of your online profile, what your competitors are up to (along with analysis of their online profiles), and an idea of where you are and where SEO can lead you.  You need to determine if the ROI will outweigh the costs both in the short-term and in the long-term.  Your SEO agent and you need to come together and decide on a long-term strategy.  After all of that is done, your SEO agent can get you started on the path to number 1.

Mallery Online Marketing offers all of this and more.  We are San Antonio SEO, San Antonio Internet Marketing, and San Antonio Web Design at its best.


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