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What Exactly is SEO?

Jan 19, 2015 | SEO

A lot of people understand Search Engine Optimization as a type of marketing agency working to get your website to the front of the search engines’ search results. SEO, in actuality, is a form of web development, social media management, and marketing all combined in to one very particular skill set. I’ve read and heard many different interpretations on what SEO actually is; however, the following video may be the best, easiest to understand, break down of what SEO is.

If you’re still wondering if SEO is for your business, take a look at this article. What you’ll read here is the importance of position in search results as it pertains to click through rate (CTR), or the number of times a particular web site is clicked on when it appears for certain searches.

Long story short, as of July 2014, the number 1 position, on average received approximately 31% of all clicks for any given search term. The number 2 position resulted in 14%, and the number 3 position saw just under 10%. Once you drop below number 5, you may as well not even exist.

With the world becoming more mobile and more connected, it’s becoming more and more important to get your business online and showing up in the search results. For a small business, it can be the difference between success and closing.