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Online Marketing and SEO Expert of San Antonio, TX

May 31, 2015 | Internet Marketing, SEO

We don’t come to that claim easily.  Calling ourselves ‘experts’ may be a little egotistical, but at the end of the day, we can back it up.

SEO is an important factor to the marketing strategy of any business.  It’s more than just having an online presence.  Being found in the search engines (most notably Google) is vital to grow your business today.  Even more so with how easy it is to perform a quick search on your phone.

As the saying goes: If you’re not first, you’re last.   The same may as well hold true for businesses in regards to Google.  Sure, other sites get clicks, but that top position is the most important.  Finding your business in that spot can make a world of difference.

Now, some may ask if they can learn “how to do SEO“.  And, sure, they can, but is it worth their time?  SEO isn’t a hobby.  It’s a full-time job dealing in an ever-changing landscape.  If you’re running a business, you likely don’t have the time to properly learn everything you need to know about SEO.  This includes web page optimization best practices, understanding the differences between good links and bad links, dealing with the creating and upkeep of dozens to hundreds of business listings (numbers vary depending on business and location(s)), and so much more.

Search engine optimization has become a passion of ours.  We started with building websites; however, we soon realized that we were charging businesses for a product they may never see a return on.  This is how we evolved into search engine optimization.

With SEO, we now have an avenue in which we can build a site properly and optimized, and then turn around and help these businesses see a massive return on their investments.  Getting their sites to the top of Google changes their business.  They receive more traffic to their site (making it a valuable resource for their business), more phone calls to their office, and more sales overall.  We’ve seen businesses grow from a two-man team to a multi-location business taking over the entire state of Texas.

We can’t promise that every business is going to see the same results.  What we can promise, though, is that we will provide the same level of service and do everything within our power to help your business grow through the power of search engine optimization.