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Best Video SEO San Antonio

Sep 22, 2015 | Internet Marketing, SEO, Video Marketing

Video marketing can play an important role in your business.  It’s important to note that simply having videos isn’t going to help you achieve your goals.  Your videos must be engaging, worth watching, and promote your business or offer succinctly and efficiently.  On top of that, you need your videos to be found.

Depending on what you’re offering, ranking your video in YouTube may be perfectly fine; however, most businesses are going to find it more beneficial to rank within Google.  At times, Google proudly dispalys videos in their search results, but there are times when videos are buried several pages back.

Before undertaking any SEO strategy, it’s improtant to know if you’re going to be able to achieve your goals or if you’re just going to be spinning your tires.  If a video isn’t featured on page 1 or 2 of Google’s search results for a given term, you may find it difficult to rank there at all.  However, if you find videos already on page 1, then all you really need to do is outrank it.

There are many methods to outranking a video.  Video rankings can often differ and may require different search engine optimization tips and strategies.  For instance, simply gaining more real views and engagements on the video may be enough to outrank another video.  On the other hand, it may take some serious video embedding and backlinking to get your video on top of another.

Regardless, if you’re looking to rank a video in Google, you may want to consider hiring a professional SEO consultant.